Unveiling Brightfox's Interactive Location Map for Real Estate Ventures

July 20, 2023

Embark on a journey of location exploration with Brightfox's cutting-edge Interactive Location Map, heralding a new era in real estate technology. Recognizing the pivotal role of location in real estate success, Brightfox introduces an innovative solution designed to revolutionize how developers and agents showcase their properties.

With an intuitive user interface and seamless touch interactivity, Brightfox's Interactive Location Map empowers users to highlight the most coveted locales in their development areas, tailored to the unique needs of prospects. From schools and parks to hospitals and childcare centers, the map offers a comprehensive overview of nearby facilities, enriching the prospect's decision-making process.

Moreover, Brightfox's Interactive Location Map goes beyond conventional mapping tools by offering advanced hotspotting capabilities. Our developers can precisely pinpoint each property lot with its corresponding lot number against georeferenced coordinates on a real-world map. This hotspotting tool allows users to click into individual lots to reveal their availability or contract status, what home design facades are possible on that lot, all synced with the data of your property listings in our SalesCRM tool. Utilizing georeferenced hotspotting technology, our interactive maps can outline the development phases and progression of residential builds and those of shared communal facilities like community gardens, gyms, pools, cinemas, or restaurants. The level of precision this tool allows highlights the planning and progression of large property development projects against satellite maps, revealing the river, bush and walkway surrounds, highlighting their unique location.

Crucially, the Interactive Location Map provides valuable insights into the proximity of essential services, offering instant distance calculations, highlighted paths, and estimated travel times for walking, cycling, or driving. Whether in the display suite or on the move, agents can leverage this powerful tool to offer clients unparalleled access to local information, enhancing the overall property viewing experience.

As a cornerstone feature of Brightfox's Display Suite technology, the Interactive Location Map exemplifies the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in real estate solutions. Explore the possibilities of location-based marketing with Brightfox and stay ahead in today's competitive market landscape.

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