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Our Clients

Brightfox has been building bespoke world class technology solutions for over 20 years to a wide range of clients in the property industry and more recently the automotive industry.

Property Developers

Brightfox has been building unique and highly specialised solutions for Property Developers around the World for over 20 years. We provide Property Developers with products and solutions that both help them to grow their business through increased sales and also improve their business with better customer service and internal efficiencies. With a customer base that spans the world and ranges from small developers with single stand alone projects through to some of the largest property developers in the world, no technology provider understands the unique needs of property developers better than us.

We encourage you to explore our website and to browse the broad selection of solutions we can provide you. Quite uniquely, Brightfox can provide you with one or two products or the full suite of products and services we offer - all fully integrated and 100% supported by us.

Project Marketers

Brightfox has a long and established history of providing market leading solutions to Project Marketers across the world. Brightfox developed solutions ensure more deals are won and strong customer relationships are forged.

Our digital solutions help project marketers create success. They differentiate you and the projects you market, are truly international in application facilitating local, interstate and international sales, foster and strength B2B working relationships with other agents, and form a foundation for ongoing and sustainable growth.

Retirement Living

Brightfox recognises and understands the unique business model of a retirement living operator and has a proud history of supporting some of the world's largest aged care providers.

Brightfox provides highly customised CRM software that manages the complete sales, marketing, contract administration and property management needs of a modern retirement living operator. Our digital apps and touchscreen solutions are the most innovative sales and marketing tools available in the industry with a proven track record of success.

Real Estate Agents

Brightfox is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions to the Real Estate industry in the world. We have developed an array of software solutions that help our clients remain at the forefront of the industry.

Over the past 20 years we have developed real estate portals, franchise group's websites and hundreds of sites for individual agencies and agents. Our experience and expertise is simply unparalleled.

Fleet Owners & Drivers

TMFleet is designed for the safety, maintenance, and management of small, medium, large and corporate fleets. TMFleet allows users to track vehicle and machine service schedules, rego, insurance, and compliance renewals within an easy to use system that includes driver to operator communication and customised prestarts.

Understanding the unique needs of the automotive industry, Brightfox created a mobile friendly fleet maintenance solution designed to be quick and easy for those with mixed-use assets including but not limited to trucks, buses, drill rigs, forklifts, and a variety machines and plant equipment.

Our trusted clients

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