Metro display suite

Project Summary

Metro Property is one of Australia's largest property developers with an impressive selection of apartment developments on offer. Metro Property run the BrightfoxCRM with an integrated Sales Portal, allowing channel agents around the World to securely view live availability and complete real time reservations 24 x 7. The BrightfoxCRM runs the complete operations of the business including board level reporting.

With multiple projects for sale at any one time, Metro created a super display centre to present multiple projects to buyers, choosing to implement a Brightfox App for a powerful display suite experience. The Brightfox App incorporated an iPad to Projector presentation, and also ran on multiple touchscreens throughout the display suite. The App was also distributed to channel agents throughout the World for one to one demonstrations.

We delivered a completely integrated solution that connected every application, and person using it, in real time. Channel agents around the world, internal agents, display suite, sales managers and management, all working as one.



Sales Portal

Interactive App

Metro display suite with projector Metro display suite with main projector

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