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Our expanding range of Apps in our App Exchange also ensure you can use the software you love alongside BrightfoxCRM everyday.

API & Integrations

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Use Zapier to integrate with thousands of applications. Our prebuilt integrations make this easy and fast to implement.

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If you run Facebook marketing you will love our automatic lead integrations features.

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Lead integration with Australia's largest real estate portal ensures leads are automatically created and assigned to agents in your CRM - and tagged against the correct project and/or listing.

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Lead integration with creates leads automatically and routes leads to the correct sales team using our lead routing technology.

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XML/REA Uploads

Push your listing data to portals around the world using our XML upload feature.


The world's No 1 email marketing software integrates with BrightfoxCRM to enable you to create and send campaigns to your database with ease.


Integration with DocuSign is now available on our SalesCRM.

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