Client Portals

Connect with your buyers like never before

Give your buyers everything they need to know about their new home in one location

The client portal is an exciting addition to the Brightfox CRM BSuite that provides you with another market leading feature. It is available to all Brightfox CRM subscribers to start using with just a few simple steps.

Once you are up and running you can create logins for your buyers from within the CRM, and immediately begin sharing important documents with them with just a few clicks. In addition, your buyers will be able to see important information on the property they are buying, your agent's contact details, and more.

Features at a glance


Connect with your buyers and keep them up to date on the progress of their new home with progress pictures and statuses.


Provide buyers and next-of-kin with a secure platform where they can access contracts and all other relevant documentation including project updates.


Whether it's resales or fallen-over contracts, you can track all of this information in the CRM. For the first time, provide buyers with this information with the click of a button.

Your buyers can access their accounts from lawyers, banks, electricity retailers and more online, so why not property services? Service your buyers better with a Client Portal. It's simply the most convenient and lowest cost way to provide your buyers with the service levels they demand.

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