So much more than a CRM.
BrightfoxCRM is a complete integrated sales solution.

BrightfoxCRM is the CRM of choice for leading property developers, project marketers and real estate firms around the world.

A CRM made for the sales & marketing of new property

  • Built specifically to meet the needs of the property industry
  • Mobile friendly and simple to use - your salespeople will love it!
  • Ready to implement now - no expensive and risky customisation by software developers required
  • Be up and running in days - not months
  • The CRM of choice for leading property firms around the world
  • Integrate with broad range of 3rd party solutions to create a truly integrated business

BrightfoxCRM is the product of over 20 years experience in building CRM software for the property industry. It has been built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of property professionals involved in the sales and marketing of new projects.

Our BrightfoxCRM forms a part of our B-Suite solution, a completely integrated suite of products that provide the complete sales, marketing and contract administration tools.

BrightfoxCRM provides your team with the flexibility and power to run a marketing leading sales and marketing team. SalesCRM, our mobile friendly CRM which is optimised for use by your sales team is easy to use and yet powerful. It gives your team the tools that they need, and nothing more. If you have used Salesforce, Microsoft CRM or other big CRMs, you will know how complex and complicated they are, which ultimately results in your sales team not using your CRM. If you have tried these products, then we invite you to experience the beautiful and simple design of SalesCRM. It is possible to have a CRM that your sales team will, and will want to use.

Coupled with SalesCRM, our B-Suite solution provides you with the full range of solutions a market leading property company requires. All fully integrated, and optional, youc an implement these modules when you need to. Business Intelegience, Reporting, Sales Portals, Customer Portals, Masterplans, Apps and more all form the amazing selection of additional products you can implement inconjuction with SalesCRM and BrightfoxCRM.

Over 20 years of world best practice

We have been building CRM solutions for property professionals around the World for over 24 years. BrightfoxCRM is a proven, trusted and robust CRM that will provide you with a property industry specific CRM that works the way you do. Best of all you can be up and running with a proven solution in weeks, not months or even years, at a fraction of the cost of a Salesforce or other CRM implementation.

20 years illustration

Brightfox Modules

SalesCRM logo


Our beautiful, fast and simple to use CRM that your sales team will love. Manage Contacts, send emails and SMS, powerful activity management, view Projects, Availability and Contracts - all in one place with a few clicks.

SalesCRM Insights logo


Get live data on your projects in your customised BI dashboards. Insights gives your staff and stakeholders realtime information on marketing, sales and contracts.

SaleCRM Reports logo


Over 100+ reports that give your team the information they need to run a successful projects business. Generate reports in PDF format or integrate with Microsoft Excel.

SalesCRM Sales Portals logo

Sales Portals

Build a fully integrated Sales Portal which connects your channel partners to your business in real time. Allocations, live availability and pricing, real time contracts and even full CLM is just the start.

SalesCRM Importer logo


Import and export data in and out of BrightfoxCRM with ease. When you have completed your feasibility analysis in Excel, simply import your listings into BrightfoxCRM and have your staff selling in minutes. Or import new contact lists in seconds.

SalesCRM Campaigns logo


Send marketing and transactional emails from BrightfoxCRM with beautiful HTML templates that merge your contact, listing and contract data instantly. Whether it is marketing invites, pre-settlement inspections or a settlement advice, Campaigns enables bulk emailing with full 'mail merge' like functionality. Even track opens and reads on every email.

SalesCRM API logo


The best companies in the world work at a speed that demands a real time connected network. Our API links all your systems, staff and business partners in real time to ensure software becomes your competitive advantage.

SalesCRM Integrations logo


An expanding range of integrations ensures that you can bring the products you love with you.

SalesCRM Home Designs logo

Home Designs

Manage your full suite of home designs together with facades and key attributes and integrate seamlessly with Apps, Sales Portals and more.

SalesCRM Lead Automation logo

Lead Automation

Powerful lead automation enables leads from websites, Facebook, portals, iPads and more all to route directly to your CRM with automated lead assignment and allocation.

Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

Build automated workflows to send emails, SMS or allocation of scheduled tasks based upon key events in your business.

Made from the ground up for the property industry

BrightfoxCRM is made exclusively to meet the specific requirements of the property industry. In particular our CRM is perfect for Property Developers, Project Marketers, Real Estate Agents and Retirement Village Operators.

A CRM for your admin team + a CRM for your sales team

The BrightfoxCRM combines the most powerful CRM available today, loaded with features and functions built over the past 20 years experience, with a mobile and salespeople friendly CRM that together give you the best of both worlds – a powerful CRM that is packed full of features for your administration teams, and a simple and mobile friendly CRM that is easy to use and 100% made for your sales team. Coupled with the Brightfox B-Suite, you have the ultimate toolkit of products to implement into your business when you need to. Our open and integrated solutions provide you with the technology platform to be a market leader.

Get up and running in days – not months

A BrightfoxCRM can be up and running for you as quickly as 2 weeks if necessary. Why can it be so fast and so easy? Because we have built the CRM from the ground up to meet the specific needs of the property industry. No complicated and unrelevant terminology, no inbuilt complexity you cannot remove, no need for programmers to scope your workflow and so on. Our CRM is a proven product that will work for you out of the box…so to speak.

The BrightfoxCRM is proven and used in markets around the world everyday.

A CRM your sales people will love

Our SalesCRM app has been made from the ground up to meet the specific needs of salespeople. It is beautiful to look at, simple and fast to use, and most importantly, includes only functions your salespeople need and nothing else. If you are constantly frustrated with salespeople not using your CRM, then our SalesCRM app is the solution. SalesCRM seamlessly integrates with our BrightfoxCRM to give you the most complete property CRM available today.

So much more than a CRM. A BrightfoxCRM is a complete integrated sales solution

Build a full suite of solutions fully integrated to your BrightfoxCRM. Apps, sales portals, website, touchscreens, email integration and more, right across your business and your marketing networks is all possible.

Worried our CRM may be too complicated for you?

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