The ultimate interactive display technology

We create interactive tech that delivers the ultimate display suite experience - in or out of the office. Our powerful, fully customised interactive apps coupled with the latest TV and touchscreen technology empower your sales team to give the ultimate presentation in your display, online or in person.

5 Reasons why we think our interactive apps are pretty special

  • Our Apps are beautiful, fast and easy to use. They work seamlessly with the latest HD TV's and touchscreens to provide the ultimate sales presentation your sales team and customers will love.
  • Deploy and use our Apps everywhere. Use them in your display suite, install them on touchscreens in malls and expos or do online presentations.
  • Fully customised for your project. We customise our solution to meet your sales track.
  • Fast to market, robust and easily updatable. Our technology works in the real world.
  • The broadest feature set on the market – pick and choose only features you need.

Whether selling apartments off the plan or house & land packages in a master planned community, an interactive tech is the ideal solution to enable prospects to truly explore everything that your project has to offer. The modern display suite has rapidly evolved to become more upwardly mobile and immersive than ever before, replacing traditional property marketing mediums. It is no longer enough to simply provide large photos, a few aerials and even a static model in your display suites. A Brightfox Interactive solution will bring your project to life; giving your prospects the opportunity to explore your project in a way never before possible.

Our apps can be used for presenting to TV Walls or run on touchscreens in your display suites, and are often used in both. It is not uncommon that our Apps will run on multiple touchscreens in a display suite, and then also be used on an iPad to present in a main viewing area or presentation room, using a large TV Wall or even single large TV for the ultimate presentation.

We work with each customer to optimise the mix of hardware and software to ensure we deliver the complete interactive solution that works best for each sales team, display suite environment and project.

The Perfect Solution for Display Suites, Seminars & Exhibitions!

Our interactive solutions deliver the ultimate display suite presentation, no matter how large or small your project, and your physical display suite dimensions. With an unlimited array of deployment models, we can create an interactive solution that works for your project and your sales team.

Augmented Reality Experience that will really impress!

Internal renders have always allowed your prospects to see the finishes and fixtures they can expect in their kitchens, living rooms & bathrooms. An augmented reality tour takes this process to the next level allowing users to explore the space by ‘looking’ around, travelling between rooms and even out onto their balcony to see the views from the various levels of your project.

No Ongoing Licensing fees - Install anywhere, anytime on multiple Touchscreens

With our unique interactive app technology you’re able to install the software on as many devices as you like without incurring additional licensing fees. This means you’re able to quickly and easily deploy our app solution to multiple locations anywhere and anytime.

Fast to market, robust and easily updatable

Timing is everything when selling off the plan. Our interactive app solutions are deployed fast to the market with quick production turnarounds available (in some cases only a matter of weeks!) Our technology is robust and easily updatable to ensure any and all changes can be made on the fly. Ensuring your marketing and communication with your prospects remains consistent and accurate at all times.

Bring Your Project to life with a Brightfox Interactive Masterplan!

Bring your project to life with an interactive 3D masterplan of your project allowing users to explore every inch of what your development has to offer. Zoom in to view major facilities and amenities or local attractions. View major transit routes, public transport locations and major points of interest. All interactively enabled on the masterplan to provide your prospects with everything they need to know about living and investing in your project.

Engage and Interact With Your Prospects!

Brightfox app solutions are ideal for providing an intuitive and appealing way to explore everything your next project has to offer. Your prospects will be able to engage and interact with your project in a way that enables prospects to clearly visualise the completed project.

Flexible & Innovative Deployment Solutions

Lean on our expert advice and guidance on how your interactive app should be deployed. We have designed and launched hundreds of app solutions over many years encompassing apartment, townhouse & master planned projects. We offer flexible and innovative deployment options that allow your interactive app to run on its own or be integrated with a multi-panel video wall or even a high resolution projection system. Looking for an easily transportable kiosk? A flush mounted table top touchscreen? Or a wall mounted solution? We have seen and done it all!

The broadest feature set on the market

Pick and choose the features you need and want

Interactive Masterplan

Interactive 3D Building Rotation

Live Availability

Aerial Views

Floorplan & Floorplate Selector

3D Fly Throughs

Interactive Investment Graphing

Document Library

Real Time Reservation

Stock Shortlisting

Colour Scheme Selector Tool

Interactive Mapping with Points of Interest

Custom or Template Design

Project Videos

& Much Much More

Discover the Brightfox interactive experience

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